About Us

  • Insured / Bonded
  • Bachelor of Arts / Criminal Justice 1998
  • Serving process since 2007
  • Licensed PI since 2009
  • Court Officer since 2016
  • Special Deputy Sheriff (Roscommon County) since 2021

We utilize ServeManager software to provide real-time updates on job status. From high volume medical/financial debt to landlord/tenant or small claims cases, we have a high percentage service rate based on defendant cooperation. Our goal is timely and effective process of service while providing open communication with clients. If you need assistance for collecting on outstanding judgments, we might be able to help.

We also specialize in collecting outstanding judgments through Orders to Seize. As a Court Officer, we are authorized by the Courts to seize assets and sell them at auction to recover your money judgment. We can work with you from the beginning of the process when paperwork is served or become involved once the Order to Seize is ready to be executed.

*If you are a routine client who has been sending paperwork from our website, please upload directly from the ServeManager database unless you are going to pay in advance.

***80% of our coverage area is in rural areas, because of this, receiving/making phone calls is very challenging. During normal business hours, if you have questions or want to schedule a time to discuss your needs, please email [email protected] and responses will be emailed after business hours, if needed.

Paperwork and Services Not Performed

1. Family law matters.

2. Paperwork that needs to be served with less than 3 weeks. (UNLESS NEGOTIATED AHEAD OF TIME.)

3. PPO’s

4. Alternate Service mailings for Michigan cases and no other mailings for non-Michigan cases.

Michigan Paperwork

The following billing and process information is followed for paperwork originating in the State of Michigan:

1. The State Statute charge for service of paperwork and mileage from the local Courthouse to the address(es) based on the State issued mileage fee.

  1. Reserve the right to bill ‘true mileage driven’, following State Statute for evasive or uncooperative individuals, less than 3-week service time or where other delays (from client or individual) impact efficiency for service.
  2. For Pro Per cases an adjusted invoice which includes the mileage fee will be emailed to the client as soon as possible. Once the mileage fee and service fee have been paid, we will begin working on the case. The adjusted invoice for any attempts at new addresses will be paid in advance. Any POS/Affidavits will be held until all fees have been paid.
  3. For law firms, once the case is either served or where Alternate Service is required, an adjusted invoice will need to be paid which includes any additional mileage or statutory fees before the POS/Verification/non-service Affidavit is returned to the Firm.
  4. Any other State Statute fees are billed when asked to perform the related service (e.g., postal verifications, time stamped affidavit, photographs, GPS coordinates).

2. If the client continues to request service attempts made at an address where I have been informed that it is a bad address and Alternate Service is denied by Court, then the client agrees to pay all fees associated with this case as if it were perfected.

Non-Michigan Paperwork Requirements

The following billing and process information is followed for paperwork originating outside the State of Michigan:

1. Charge of $100.00 (includes notary).

2. Client must provide the following information with submittal of paperwork:

  1. Complete instructions on Court Rules or way the paperwork needs to be served
  2. Criteria for posting/taping of paperwork
  3. Due date

3. If the service address is bad, additional attempts will not be made without an extra $50.00 fee (paid in advance) and address verification by client.

  1. If the individual is served at the original address, the extra fee will be returned to client.

All Paperwork (Michigan or Non-Michigan)

The following billing and process information is followed for paperwork originating both inside or outside the State of Michigan:

1. Communication of status is managed through our database ServeManager.

  1. Please provide the email address designated for status updates and check your spam/junk folder in case the update is routed there.
  2. If you have not received an updated service attempt, then the status has remained unchanged.

2. Payment is required in advance for non-routine clients and covers attempt/perfected/cancelled service and is nonrefundable. Once paperwork is uploaded to our database, an emailed invoice is issued, which can be paid online or via check.

3. Maximum print volume is 25 pages, quantities that exceed this limit must be mailed to the appropriate P.O. Box.

4. Emailed paperwork is not accepted, it must be uploaded to the website, input through ServeManager or mailed. Even when paperwork is mailed, the online form still needs to be completed through our website.

5. Turnaround for paperwork is approximately three (3) weeks if three (3) attempts are needed. Three (3) attempts (morning, afternoon & evening and the location will be made at my discretion). If the issuing Court, you, or your client requires more than three (3) attempts to grant Alternate Service, additional fees will be billed and time for the completion of service will be allowed

6. Mailed paperwork that is outside of our service area will not be returned to the sender.

7. All efforts will be made for a first attempt one (1) week or less from the time the paperwork is received.

8. Weekend attempts cannot be guaranteed.

9. Weather conditions can affect service attempts. Attempts may be postponed due to safety concerns. 

10. Service rate is based on per paper (individual/entity) if personal service is required. If multiple papers for the same address can be sub-served, then the service fee will be negotiated.

11. If paperwork is mailed to a P.O. Box without also filling out the form on our website, then a delay in the first attempt may occur.

Additional Fee Based Services

  • Asset Searches (Seizure Orders)
  • Skip Tracing (Finding People)
  • Property Occupancy Verifications
  • Postal Verifications
  • Mortgage Foreclosure/Abandonments


Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriffs and Process Servers Association (MCODSA)

Our Database Provides

Online / real-time status reporting, fully compliant with client required GPS service activity verification, email notifications, and email affidavits.

Bank Level Security

Data is sent over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection with 256-bit encryption.


(989) 486-2168
Hours: M-F 8am-5pm EST

Mailing Address

For service needs in the Northern Territory, please mail paperwork to:
2255 Tower Hill Rd., #758
Houghton Lake, MI 48629

For service needs in the Southern Territory, please mail paperwork to:
2900 Rodd St., #2583
Midland, MI 48640

High volume clients should mail paperwork to whichever P.O. Box covers the majority of their service needs.

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